Our Open Science

Our lab strives for more transparency and early sharing of data and knowledge. Towards this goal, we do the following:

  • Manuscript pre-prints. All of our primary research manuscripts are available from the BioRxiv pre-print server as soon as we submit them to a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Releasing all published data. We make datasets and code described in our papers (including unpublished manuscripts in BioRxiv) available through public repositories such as GEO, OSF, and Github. Accessions are listed in our manuscripts/papers.
  • Sharing of unpublished data. As members of the 4DNucleome project, we have released various unpublished datasets through the 4DN portal, for everyone to use and explore.
  • Lab notebook sharing. We are working towards releasing our lab notebooks documenting the experiments that we have done. It takes some time to realize this as a standard practice, but for some of our papers you can find notebook extracts on our Open Science Framework pages.
  • Transparent review. When reviewing manuscripts for journals, Bas discloses his identity to the authors, regardless of his recommendations.
  • Sharing unpublished projects. In this blog, members of our lab give updates of ongoing projects. Some of these projects are very new, and it may take a few years before they actually result in published papers. Have a look at these exciting new projects, and contact us if you work on something related!