We have developed various technologies for chromatin genomics and genome editing. Click on the links for relevant publications, protocols and other resources:

DamID: a method for the mapping of in vivo protein-genome interactions.

m6A-tracer: a derivative of DamID, to visualize DNA that has contacted a protein of interest in living cells.

TRIP: a method to measure the impact of chromatin on gene regulation at thousands of genomic locations in parallel.

TIDE and TIDER: simple, cheap and quantitative methods to measure genome editing efficiency by CRISPR/Cas9.

SuRE: a massively parallel reporter assay to map and measure the activity of regulatory elements in entire mammalian genomes.

New tools under development

  • A hybrid of DamID and CUT&RUN
  • A tool to separate genomic loci (such as enhancers and promoters) spatially inside the cell nucleus
  • A variant of SuRE to test the functionality of thousands of enhancer/promoter pairs
  • A variant of TRIP to test the impact of chromatin context on DNA repair
  • A screen to find proteins that control gene regulation inside LADs

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